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Gentile Chiropractic E-Book

This E book is for learners in Chiropractic as well as for professionals to look up when you need help in your therapy.


Learn how to become an excellent chiropractor with gentile techniques. Most popular book for chiropractic students.


All chiropractic techniques will be explained with many pictures. And you will find many diseases and recommendations, how to treat them. For me it is important that more naturopaths and chiropractors use this safe and gentle method.


It turns out that with proper use the results last longer, than they do with “normal” chiropractic. For 96.9% of the time there are no side effects beyond occasional sore muscles, and even the daintiest of women can learn it.


The “heave ho” techniques are out, and gentler techniques, that are effective, are what patients want today.


Gentile Chiropractic from head to toe, explained in easy words and many pictures.



Author: Christina Reuter
Reuter Publishing 2013
ISBN: 978-3-944823-02-7
121 Pages
Language: English
Format: PDF

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